The value of a SUNY Cortland degree

For many alumni, a SUNY Cortland diploma was an admission ticket to the career of their dreams. It enabled them to become teachers, coaches, scientists, business executives and anything else it’s possible for a young dreamer to be. But the value of SUNY Cortland’s educational experience runs much deeper than that.  Cortland helps shape the character, philosophy and attitude of its students as it expands their horizons far beyond the classroom.  As a result, Cortland alumni think critically and independently. They’re not afraid to test perceived limits. They’ve developed the confidence to persevere in the face of challenges and to lead in times of crisis or confusion. 

In short, SUNY Cortland prepares its graduates for success – however they define it. Cortland is, always has been, and will always be an institution committed to access; offering a high-quality education at a price that makes it affordable to any deserving student, regardless of his or her financial situation. And in these complicated and challenging economic times, that commitment is priceless.