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Member Name Event/ActivityGuestsClass Year (Matriculation Year)
 GarthArnold Arnold, GarthArnold, Garth Hall of Fame Weekend1993
 BrianaBarca Barca, BrianaBarca, Briana Hall of Fame Weekend2014
 JessieBarrow Barrow, JessieBarrow, Jessie Hall of Fame WeekendBecky CerioBecky Cerio2001
 RachelBarry Barry, RachelBarry, Rachel Hall of Fame Weekend2012
 KatieBoshart (Finch) Boshart (Finch), KatieBoshart (Finch), Katie Hall of Fame Weekend2010
 ShirleyBowen Bowen, ShirleyBowen, Shirley Hall of Fame WeekendTracy PerkinsTracy Perkins1964
 GeorgeBreen Breen, GeorgeBreen, George Hall of Fame WeekendJoan WilliamsonJoan Williamson1956
 MaribethCarey Carey, MaribethCarey, Maribeth Hall of Fame WeekendJack CareyJack Carey1959
 David Cook Cook, David Cook, David Hall of Fame Weekend1991
 AmberCorrigan Corrigan, AmberCorrigan, Amber Hall of Fame WeekendWilliam Corrigan|Jo-ann CorriganWilliam Corrigan
Jo-ann Corrigan
 DutchCraumer Craumer, DutchCraumer, Dutch Hall of Fame WeekendMatt DimmittMatt Dimmitt1949
 MeganCross Cross, MeganCross, Megan Hall of Fame Weekend2003
 KarenStevensDiefendorf Diefendorf (Stevens), KarenDiefendorf (Stevens), Karen Hall of Fame WeekendMary StevensMary Stevens1979
 LaraDiscenza Discenza, LaraDiscenza, Lara Hall of Fame WeekendMichael discenza|Albert AlmansbergerMichael discenza
Albert Almansberger
 paulfardy fardy, paulfardy, paul Hall of Fame Weekend1963
 KatelynFusco Fusco, KatelynFusco, Katelyn Hall of Fame Weekendmike Guardinomike Guardino2011
 KatelynFusco Fusco, KatelynFusco, Katelyn Hall of Fame Weekendmike Guardinomike Guardino2011
 KateGiametta Giametta, KateGiametta, Kate Hall of Fame Weekend2007
 AliciaHibbard Hibbard, AliciaHibbard, Alicia Hall of Fame Weekend2014
 JonnaJohnson Johnson, JonnaJohnson, Jonna Hall of Fame Weekend1999
 WarrenKilmer Kilmer, WarrenKilmer, Warren Hall of Fame Weekend1956
 JohnLaBombard LaBombard, JohnLaBombard, John Hall of Fame Weekend1963
 RobertLalley Lalley, RobertLalley, Robert Hall of Fame WeekendLauren LalleyLauren Lalley1966
 LeslieLance Lance, LeslieLance, Leslie Hall of Fame Weekend1999
 NancyLangham Langham, NancyLangham, Nancy Hall of Fame Weekend1959
 thomasmajor major, thomasmajor, thomas Hall of Fame Weekendmarie passidomo majormarie passidomo major1955
 jamesmc guidwin mc guidwin, jamesmc guidwin, james Hall of Fame Weekend1963
 SandyMorley Morley, SandyMorley, Sandy Hall of Fame Weekend1977
 Tom Muench Muench, Tom Muench, Tom Hall of Fame Weekend1959
 Jennifer Ranieri Ranieri, Jennifer Ranieri, Jennifer Hall of Fame Weekend2014
 Emily Ringen Ringen, Emily Ringen, Emily Hall of Fame Weekend2010
 TaraSchanbacher Schanbacher, TaraSchanbacher, Tara Hall of Fame Weekend2000
 JoanSitterly Sitterly, JoanSitterly, Joan Hall of Fame Weekend1900
 LorraineStoddard Stoddard, LorraineStoddard, Lorraine Hall of Fame Weekend2012
 A. Henryvon Mechow von Mechow, A. Henryvon Mechow, A. Henry Hall of Fame WeekendSallie von Mechow| Fred von Mechow '77| Patricia Vecchio von Mechow '98Sallie von Mechow
Fred von Mechow '77
Patricia Vecchio von Mechow '98
 Maryware ware, Maryware, Mary Hall of Fame WeekendDr. Mary F. StuckDr. Mary F. Stuck1971
 MarvinWilson Wilson, MarvinWilson, Marvin Hall of Fame WeekendCarolyn WilsonCarolyn Wilson1975
 Susan Wilson Wilson, Susan Wilson, Susan Hall of Fame Weekend2014
 TheodoreWoods Woods, TheodoreWoods, Theodore Hall of Fame Weekend1953
 RonaldZorn Zorn, RonaldZorn, Ronald Hall of Fame WeekendAlice ZornAlice Zorn1961
 LeslieZylka Zylka, LeslieZylka, Leslie Hall of Fame Weekend1970