Social Media and Networks

Join our networks to stay connected

Alumni can choose from a variety of social networks and platforms to connect with the Alumni Association and fellow Red Dragons. Select the channels that best fit your style. Tag your photos and postings with #CortlandPride for potential prizes or a shout out. We are also on Snapchat and you follow us by adding cortlandalumni as a friend!

Ignite Facebook

Join the Alumni Association Glam Squad

Alums who are the best supporters online will be asked to join the Alumni Association "Glam Squad" who are charged to share information, news and points of pride for their alma mater. Let's get social! Join now.

Alumni Association "Social Rules" of Engagement

The SUNY Cortland Alumni Association reserves the right to delete content that is considered inappropriate by the staff. The goal is to engage alumni and engender good will and those who repeatedly do not meet appropriate standards will be removed.

Red Dragon Network Tutorials

Our student interns have created an amazing set of video tutorials to get you familiar in using the Red Dragon Network. The playlist below was designed in order of priority. More videos coming soon. Enjoy!

SUNY Cortland Pride!

Please check back often for our favorite social media posts by our alumni. We do offer occasional prizes for the most awesome content shared by our graduates, so be sure to tag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with #CortlandPride.