Alumni Association Board of Directors



The mission of the Cortland College Alumni Association, Inc. is to represent and serve its alumni by cultivating and fostering positive and lasting relationships between the alumni and the College community.  The Alumni Association shall strive to link the past, present and future of SUNY Cortland through communicating, programming and networking activities that involve and encourage all to support the College and its mission.

The Alumni Association is governed by a thirty member volunteer board. The Alumni Board in tandem with Alumni Engagement, plans and organizes alumni programs and benefits, serves on College appointed committees, and establishes and maintains fiscal policies and procedures for the Association, while working to build support for its alma mater.

Judy Wolfe ’84, President
Titilayo Morgan '99, Vice President
Daniel Walker ’06, Treasurer
Gary DeBolt ’73, Immediate Past President
Michael Sgro, Executive Director

Erik Bitterbaum (ex-officio)
Peter Perkins (ex-officio)
Tim Bennett '07
Art Cardella '72
Rich Cecconi ’74
Peter Claus-Landi '08
Carolyn Cooke ’66
Rebecca Cornell '17 (student rep.)
Peter Dady ’74
Joseph C. Eppolito ’74
Carl Gambitta ’63
Ronnie Genee ’03
Deborah DeProspo Gloor ’76
Peter Kanakaris ’70
L. Jamie McGrory '79
Katie McKenna '12
Colleen Napora '87
Brian Newman ’84
Perry Peck '03
Jaime Piperato '12
Kevin Sackett '10
Ronnie Sternin Silver ’67
Cheryl Singer Sullivan ’81
Carol Statkevicus Suto ’73
Nancy Niskin Sorbella ’82
Robert Vinal ’71

Emeriti Members

Marian Natoli Atkinson ’54
Jeffrey T. Beal ’76
Harry Bellardini ’56
Marjorie Dey Carter ’50
Bonnie King Comella ’88
Paul Fardy ’63
James Newlands ’65
Carole Wilsey Phillips ’48
Elizabeth Pujolas ’86
Gloria Quadrini ’59
Arnold T. Rist '47 (deceased)
Kathleen Hoefert Schuehler ’78
Estella Eckler Vangeli ’47 (deceased)