Alumni Sharing Knowledge (A.S.K.)

Professional advice only a click away

The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (A.S.K.) program will help students find answers to professional and career-related questions. SUNY Cortland students are encouraged to use this network to search for alumni offering professional advice and a connection in various industries. Alumni from all generations can participate and share their knowledge with current students.

Alumni benefits of A.S.K. include:
  • A connection with a current student who is directly impacted by your time and talent,
  • A sense of the current campus community from the student point of view,
  • An easy way to give back to SUNY Cortland.
Student benefits of A.S.K. include:
  • Developing your knowledge base for your desired industries,
  • Real world experience in professional networking,
  • Accessing a key benefit from the Alumni Association before graduation!

Alumni and students are encouraged to join the SUNY Cortland LinkedIn group to keep the conversation going beyond the initial connection. Please note that this is not a job/internship program but purely a connection and networking activity.

Get started!
Alumni that want to join are asked to enable their ASK profile (after you register/login) on their Red Dragon Network account to be searchable by students. Alumni who are enrolled should expect monthly email notifications about the program, questions from the LinkedIn group and student emails.

Students are asked to register their account and then search the alumni directory to connect. Students can receive their member ID number from Alumni Engagement in person or by filling out the help form. Email notifications for the program are also sent once a month.