Why Give?

Why Your Support Matters!

Although SUNY Cortland is a public institution, it receives less than 25 percent of its operating budget from the State of New York. This makes support from alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends crucial to our commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship, research and service to the community.

Your gifts help support these areas and more:

Student Scholarships

  • The top priority of The Cortland Fund is to provide student scholarships
  • More than 80 percent of current Cortland students require financial assistance

Undergraduate Research

  • Students are given the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to “real world” situations
  • Participation in research projects such as Millimeter Observations of Nearby Pre-stellar Cores in the Perseus Molecular Cloud Complex, Spectrometric Analysis of Cyanide Processing by the Larvae of the Fall Webworm Hyphantria cunea, The Eat Well, Play Hard/Health Heart Menu Assessment Project, and Effects of Plyometrics on Lateral Force Development make students more confident and competitive in the job market

Arts and Cultural Programming

  • Exhibitions, musical performances, plays and creative works by students and faculty
  • Campus Artist and Lecture Series (CALS) – charged with enriching the cultural life of the College. Recent and future programs include Gregory Douglass’ passionate portrayal of contemporary folk, pop and rock; Jackie, Vi and Lena, continues the story of the Civil Rights Movement with dynamic portraits of Jackie Robinson, Viola Liuzzo and Lena Horne; Woods Tea Company, one of America’s favorite folk groups; and “My Soul Is A Witness” an acclaimed chronicle of the Civil Rights Movement

Faculty Development

  • Small Grant Program-promotes flexibility and creativity by providing funding for unique faculty and student projects
  • Research and Travel Grant Program-provides funding for faculty to engage in research or to present at a conference
  • Allows faculty to stay current and up-to-date on the latest trends by providing funds to attend workshops, seminars and developing research projects

Let Us Share Our Stories of Your Impact


Why Support Student Scholarships?

Transforming LivesEveryone needs a guardian angel. Ask Devine Bailey. 

Honoring an Inspiring Professor Professor: J.J. Walsh ’78 established the Barry L. Batzing Scholarship in recognition of one of SUNY Cortland’s special teachers. 

Sharing the American DreamThey came to the United States seeking opportunity.

Why Support the Student Experience?

Giving the Gift of Raquette LakeStarting their first semester at college has always been exciting for SUNY Cortland freshmen. But now, incoming students begin their college careers with a real adventure. 

Creating a Legacy of Leadership
Given the challenges facing our nation’s educational system, the need for well-prepared administrators has never been more pressing.

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Thinkers
SUNY Cortland alumnus James T. Costa ’85 knows the power of student research.

Why Support Athletics?
Maintaining Athletics ExcellenceSuccess on the golf course begins in the classroom. It continues with exceptional coaches, facilities and opportunities.

Why Support Faculty Development?

Supporting our Faculty: In Girish Bhat’s classroom, there are no back seats.

Why Support a Sustainable Campus?

Reducing Our Carbon FootprintEvery individual can and will make a difference as SUNY Cortland races to reduce its carbon footprint.