Hire Red Dragons
Registered members of SUNY Cortland’s Red Dragon Network now can use the online community to do just that — network with fellow Red Dragons. The new Hire Red Dragons feature allows users to share and search job postings — whether full-time, part-time or temporary — in addition to volunteer opportunities and internships.

Every opportunity for current students also will be shared with Career Services at the College. The feature is just another way for SUNY Cortland alumni to recruit talent and explore other work opportunities through their alma mater. It’s an added benefit provided by the College’s Alumni Association, which seeks to foster lasting relationships between graduates and SUNY Cortland.

Alumni also are encouraged to connect with SUNY Cortland on LinkedIn in their networking efforts. Users first must register and log in to the Red Dragon Network to access the Hire Red Dragons feature.

If you are sharing opportunities on social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, please tag using #HireRedDragons.